Saturday, January 24, 2009

Malaysia humbled lowly to UAE at their own turf, beaten 5 to nil

5-0 to UAE? At our own turf some more?

I felt disbelief with the scoreline but that what was happened on wednesday night in a party bashing by UAE being watched by 5000 local crowds including 20++ supporters of Malaysia Football Team called Harimau Malaya,non-stop chants to their beloved team.

However, that could not prevents Malaysia from being humiliatated this way, nonetheless we had not expected we can win the match and will lost eventually but not with this kind of lost easily and with no fightback, but lost with pride and dignity.

Our players were only on the same level with UAE players until mins of 29th and again before whistle was blowned out our own goal leaked again this time through penalty,courtesy of referee who gave away advantage on small body contact from Hardy Jaafar . 2-0 until half time with no complains with performance of our boys during first time since they also had few chances and some good offence towards UAE defence line.

When 2nd half was started, all were history with first dismissal of Syamsuri Mustafa due to injury while his replacement,Syed Adney was disappointment of the match, letting 3 goals past him within 30mins remains until full time.

My comments?

If our boys continue to play like this, we can forget the target of 2018 for World Cup.

Referee played big part on this whip party as he was one-sided and unfair to our players though they were the victims on some occasions.

While for our coach B.Sathianathan, please do not moaning into your own fault coz you were the one who chosed those players, and if it is like what you said that they lack of fitness, why dont you play defensive and once a while do the counter attack since these are the best we have from our own pool talents,Malaysia Super League. Nevertheless, i still felt that you have overlooked some talents in our not so football league, Sathia!

To top management of FAM including your highness, SULTAN AHMAD SHAH, enough is enough, please step down and gives way to people that are football, marketing oriented and passionate to rejuvenate our weaken football league and its own national team. Please forget to go to world cup, first concentrate on how to conquer our small regions,Southeast Asia.

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