Monday, January 26, 2009

Malaysia vs UAE photos

Photos that i have taken from the recent Malaysia's team match

The torn apart ticket after the match, not because i feel depressed. it was accidentally happens when i keep the ticket inside my pocket. Emm, 3 matches i have watched so far that involves our national football team. One was against Kuwait match in 2002 (so far i have remembered) at Kuantan Stadium , 2nd the friendly against Singapore at MBPJ Stadium and lastly the match where we against UAE.

I took this picture during the match (with mufler around my neck) seeing here is footballhooligan aka Epul of RHB Bangi.

my buddies from HMC, erry and his co, azrul still proud waving our flags despite our national's dipped performance.
Spot where am i? i am flankedbetween Erry(wearing cap) and Azrul(wearing sorcerer's hat). Maybe this would not be our days yet, but i am doing what i should done as Malaysians.

Bitter smiles after match ends. what can i say?

The outcome was not like what i hope to be happened. i can only say the first 45 mins would be the best display from our national team despite within the period we are trailing by 2 goals.

At least,if the scoreline still remains the same, it is better than 5 goals netted into our net,isnt it?

The empty stadium just after the match ends. Malaysia 0-5 to UAE.

Seen here if not mistaken is our central defender,Aidil Zafuan while his twin brother,Zaquan Adha who also played in the match as striker.

Our central defender, Zamani Misbah can only look deep thinking what would be next for him and others in national team. The burden would be unbearable to lift by whole squads especially criticism thrown out to head coach,B.Sathianathan.

Crowds showed protest by surround the national team bus and have gathered at the main entrance. Anyone would be pissed off, coz we have waited for 20 years without major winnings and unimpressive show out against UAE.

I could not blamed the crowds but they should behaved towards players who has the heart to don our national jersey despite continous criticism thrown to them.

Their mental has been in the low pit since the recent AFF, and if i being one of them, i would not be dared to take risk to don our national jersey at this hard time. So it would only the brave one can do that at this time, the only part i think our national players deserved praise from me, but they need to work hard and show the best from our Malaysia Super League.


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where the fuck is my pic?

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nih pic kat kamera aku la...yg gambar lain sume kat kamera fiquetional

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Luv u n luv bola...hahaha...

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