Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Tedious Activities this week

What i have been doing for all this week?

Monday: Not so much important work i have done. Just came to office, do minor works like creating users/workstations in Active Directory(AD), enrol the access cards for 104 associates, and do the re-imaging to requested laptops at my workplace.

Tuesday: Plan with my bos regarding to bring the connectivity up to the headquarter's network. Apart from that,still doing routine,like attended to associates request for any supports or network issues.

Wednesday: Half-day with a reason to service car before going back hometown for this Chinese New Year festive seasons. make it as routine to all road users before going back!
At night,watched Malaysia football team being whipped by UAE by 0-5 at our own turf,KLFA Stadium at Cheras. Un-worthy trips to watch it, started back by stuck at all places along the way from Puchong then Sunway to pick my friend there until arriving at Cheras with no clue amongst us where is the Stadium. With all the suffocation, we left the stadium with only thousands disappointment. then i had yumcha together with my friends and met my fiancee a while to pass savings booklet to her.

Thursday & Friday: Bring the network up and just waiting for people to move in to Motorola office at Cyberjaya,now known as Metroplus. Then packed up all my stuffs for going back to my hometown on the next day.

Saturday: went to Cheras to pick up my fiancee cousin's mum, had lunch there and started journey at 12pm. when arrived at Bangi, the traffic became slow and stretched up until Port Dickson exits from North bound. Arrived BP at 4.10pm and started back journey to Kluang and arrived at my home around 5.10pm. just after came in, i turned my laptop and connect it to network to send the id details like been requested from my employer before 7pm Malaysia time. Lucky i managed to to that in time coz they threaten if fail to reply mail to them, it may goes to consequence on my next pay.

Sunday: Planned to go to perodua to settle about insurance and car road tax, having lunch at popular spots of Assam Pedas in BP town and perhaps looking for one or two things for my wedding on this August.

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