Friday, January 09, 2009

Panics in Satyam

Open the new year with down low note

First,3 board members have resigned and yesterday was the pinnacle of all, the founder cum chairman of Satyam (which is my employer currently) has resigned immediately after admitting he has falsifying company accounts.

Indeed,it is inevitable crisis and has caused panicked alarm to Satyam's staff across the globe(India,China,Singapore,Aussie) including me.

I am now monitoring all things closely and hoping that it would not hamper my career that has just to begun. I have heard the rumors spreading fast even the January pay would not be sure in ours pockets but i will pray that this is just rumors.

Save the Palestine

Another news that open the new year with down low note is Israel aggressively attacking on helpless Palestinian at Gaza. Many have dead and death toll has risen to 700 and still counting, which causes a furious to all countries especially in Muslim's dominated country like Malaysia and Indonesia.

The weird thing are UN and the world so-called peacekeeper,USA still silent on the attack, blinded by cloth maybe but will be the first spoken and condemn of any attack by so-called Islam's terrorist.

Do they Israel deserved to be called Terrorist of their actions that still ongoing since i have yet born in the world?

Maybe it is good if Islam organization itself have their own army to protect any invasion of its members if UN itself has lose its funtion.

Allahu Akbar! may go save the Palestine and to Palestininan,you are not alone, God will save u along with prays and some alms from us here.

BaitulMaqdis in Palestine,was the first qiblat of Muslim, and one of the 3 of holy places after Makkah and Medina. That is reason why it is so attached to Muslims. To all Muslims, part of pray to God to save our brothers and sisters is to show ur supports and solidarity.


user said...

dun wori bro bout the money. rezki ade di mn2..cume kiter tak tau dimana dan ble sj..

Anonymous said...

Always support u dear...

Am_7riel said...

thx "user",but what i am cautious now is because i am getting married.That is y...

Anonymous said...

abaut saving the palestine..may i ask u something?do u boycott all those things such as kentucky n pizza hut?

Am_7riel said...

hi anonymous,no i did not boycott them like kfc and pizza since many muslims too work there.if muslims boycotting US products and the workers are muslims,i would think it would make them jobless only eventually.I guess better we just pray and give some donations as much as you can,that would be much better.