Sunday, January 25, 2009

Save our earth!

Recycle:How serious we are implementing it?

We have been heard of recycle i think more than decades but hardly i see the progress wholly aspects. Lot of taxpayers' money have been dumped and still being contributed to the campaign or similar campaign to save our earth.

Yet, we have not achieved anything compared to the money we have invested because our attitude of "TAK APA" and not bother to do it or cooperate with the kind of campaign, relying to others to do it and to Government side, the ignorance to continue the efforts and spread the awareness amongst all Malaysians especially to rural folks.

To all Malaysians:

Starts now before it is too late. Just imagine how much our contribution to Earth if every home in Malaysia does recycling? We would not see much litter on streets or peculiar objects flowing in river, would we?

Do not have to wait from Government to give initiative or incentives to make recycle part in your home. You can reuse 3 boxes to segregate the rubbish into bottles, which eventually you may reap the fruits when you sell all the rubbishes. It is a win situation,isnt it?


Should revised back the plan on how to cultivate Malaysians to bring up recycling in their daily life regardless where is the place they are living at.

Government should address the issue to bring up awareness level amongst people that living at rural areas as i have observed, the recycle thing still not up to standard to what extent people at urban areas are doing.

Though, i am quite sure not everyone too at cities, does the recycling efforts at their home.

Why invest millions of money when your foundation plan is not strong enough and there is no continuity from your first efforts? isnt it is a waste to our taxpayers money?

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