Friday, February 27, 2009

Malaysia's Assemblymen all should be shamed!!!

Shamed to all of you of what is happening around us for the past few months, starts back to the corrupt and sex-scandals in meant of bribes of party-hoppers (in malaysia called as Frogs for an assemblymen who changed their party bearers), the politics crisis in Perak that have 2 states govern body that were caused by the party hoppers that led to the collapsed of Perak's recent state government, then recently we have been surprised by semi-nude of Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman, Elizabeth Wong who her case still under custody and now with the uncertainty of economy which i would like to say that we are in great recession, as in now as statistics unofficially from Labour Ministry, the number of people who got retrenched is going to reach 80 000 (that is not including the current unemployment of our graduates in market) government has agreed to increase 5% toll gates rate for all 5 highways concessionaires in tandem of closing two toll gates in Klang Valley. Clever move by closing others then two days after, announcing the hikes. I will give you very much "applause" to the successor of Samy Vellu, YB Dato Seri IR Zain Mohamed, who really done his "jobs" well in protecting interests of the highways concessionaires rather than already in great burdens of Malaysians especially folks who living in Klang Valley that need to pay the toll everywhere they would like to go. Isnt it great? (Darn it!!!)

My advice to all assemblymen, you guys have been selected by your constituency not because we giving you chance to use states luxury cars, but to protect our interest and highlight it in the House by all means and not to argue unnnecessary things like throwing personal attacks to people who does not share similiaries in your political ideologies.

You guys actions are like beheaded people or simple say like an OXYMORON once being selected as the caretaker of one constituency regardless you are from Blue Weighing Scale, or from Moon, or Rocket or an eye, you guys should protect Malaysian interests and doing your jobs professionally.

Why cannot you guys take an example from other countries, especially from Uncle Sam country?I do not see our assemblymen are at the same par of their ethics and professionalism. If they know what is happening around here,especially the politics chaos in Perak and the syndrom of party-hoppers one and only happens in not else in Malaysia, they surely will burst out laugh!

Yes we are celebrating 52 years of jubilation, but i could only see the voters who have matured through the years, but sorry to say not to our assemblymen. and i still could not forget, our Sultans who almost giving away the beloved land to Malayan Union moved by colonial British, i still remember Sultans who giving away Penang and Singapore to Sir Stamford Raffles to protect their own helms and interests rather than their citizens.

I vividly remember who had sacrificed their own people to get the woman he would like to have as second wives, from unusual endowments request not else from Putri Gunung Ledang to Sultan Mahmud of Malacca.

I may not have rights to talk about this and please do not offenced of my statements here regardless of what blood you have inside your body or ranks you have, but i am Malaysian, and logically of what happened in Perak, there should be only 1 government to govern 1 state,but that would be only happened after the state house is dissolved.

I wonder what happened, a day before when the ex Perak's MB,Datuk Seri Nizar met Sultan asks on dissolvment and seems that it almost happens when we all can see Nizar smiling broadly after meeting Sultan. Then on the next day, suddenly the greedy old man and our TPM,Datuk Seri Najib came up with an announcement saying that BN is now controlling the Perak's house which officially got consent from Perak's Sultan himself. What was happened?

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