Friday, February 27, 2009

No brain from our Minister of Works

I could not hold to bursts out my laughs when i read paper few days back when our own Minister of Works says that the traffic jams that affected to all people who commutes daily around Klang valley because disproportionate of number vehicles with number of people who lives in Klang Valley. What makes me laugh, he compares Kuala Lumpur with Tokyo,Japan?

Is he out of mind? There, the public transportation so much good,really impressive and efficient enough to cater daily use, thanks to combination of their bus service in-line with shinkansen (speed train),so that is why Japanese feels convenient to use it everywhere they go,neglecting the functional of main vehicle we are using here,personal cars.

Why have to go so far comparing our roads woes? Cannot you behold your sight to our neighbour first before going to land of far far away? Even with Singapore who have efficient MRT systems,bus and cabs system we are far lagged behind in public transportation then you should not put Japan as your comparison.

Here Datuk Seri for your information, we cannot rely the public transportation yet since there are big loopholes needs to be rectified first and that is why we choose to use our car instead as our own transportation mode though we confine with the toll gates,but what options do we have?

Either using unethics,unpunctuality schedules of public transportation or use you own car but will have to pay toll, you will be rather choose the second one, because once you off from your works you would like to rest rather than still waiting for your bus or errant cabbies that some still not deploying the meters in their cabs. Even to most locations of our LRT systems are inappropriate locations whereby the areas long for the LRT systems such as Puchong,Subang Jaya,Kota Damansara and vicinity and some areas in Cheras still wait when will their plights taken care off.

I would say, do your job and find the solution of what we are having Datuk Seri,rather than saying silly remarks while protecting your cronies interests!


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