Friday, February 27, 2009

Thoughts of our lifecycle

When i thinking back alone whilst praying for the late of my uncle,Pok Uda from my father's bloodline, my mind all flying away, regardless of you are in tender age or in golden age, we all prone to death one day, the matters is only about time.

I started think of our lifecyle starts from the moments we bornt to the world until when death will come to us, while joining my cousins talk, what else if we are gathered after quite a time have not meet each other, talks on whatever happens around us especially uncertainty of politics scenarios and toll rise. What else you will talk if you are in age of 25 till 40 something?

Back to the lifecyle, if you think back of all our lifecycle since we have the same for everyone, unlikewise if you had same like Benjamin Button (the movie recently in cinema, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), our life starts from baby who cannot talk yet, cannot recognised people yer and when grow to older age, you will become toddler,you can walk but no so properly, started to talk but hardly to understand by older people like us.

When you have passed that phases, now you are becoming youngsters and independent who does not really need help or guidance anymore as you can think by yourself to lead your life to what you desire. Then you will carry commitments once you are ready to share your sweet and bitter life with your beloved one which in age of your pinnacles, starts from age 25 till 40 something.

By the age of 40 to 45, you will facing behaviour changes a lot and emotionally where you will try any meant of things you have not try when you were youngsters. This may be a thing that can give you benefits to you and around but hopefully it is not the things that will lead to the vanished of family that you have built.

Then, slowly in age of 50-60 something, your will realized that your body size will fluctuate and prone to any sickness (usually happens to all folks who live in urban areas) and your behaviour starts to change back to the time when you were the toddlers.

Some people in this age, will become senile, hardly to recognise or remember people, hardly to hear and listen properly if not fully deaf, and even to talk properly. When the time is right, Angels of Death or in Islam,Izrail will come to us to invite us to another phases of lifecycle.

If you were thinking back the same, then you will nod the same like me, life is just a clock, it will starts tick by seconds then goes to minutes then goes to hours,days and so on, you will know that the days will ends, you may assume on what you will having next but you will never know when the clock will stop its ticks.

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