Monday, April 13, 2009

I really love history and epicts movie

I could not tell how much i fond into histories like David(Daud) and Goliath(Jalut),Moses(Musa) for his Ten Commandments,Jesus(Isa) and to my own idols,Muhammad (which in bracket are all in Arabic names,as what have been stated in Bible it is also written in my holy book,Quran.

Too,i could not tell why since i was kid, i will sit properly while other kids are playing outside just to watch any epicts movie or reading history books about mighty Egyptians,Romans and Spartans. I could not even tell why but maybe,only maybe it was inherited by two persons that i look high since young,my uncle who taught and always telling stories and still telling stories,Pak Alang and my father,which he said he never revise history book but it will fond in his memories everything that was taught during his classes.

That would explain why i will stick to Discovery channel on any ancient highlights or stories though at first i watched other channels coz i really love history and with history we will know about ancestors and etc,which i really supports any move by our government if they would like to proceed with introducing History since standard 1.

My suggestion,make the subject lighter,easier and interesting for this young guys to study it as most of us look this subject as boring and killer subject due to negligence to remember all the facts and its consequences.

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