Monday, April 13, 2009

I really love history and epicts movie Pt2

I will look for these epict movies into my DVDs collections such as Samson and Delilah, David(Daud) and Goliath(Jalut) and Solomon(Sulaiman). For epict movies that i have apart of Troy, Alexander,Gladiator, i have Moses, Jesus DVDs and Ben-Hur with me, which can tell me my passions into epict movies and history specifically.

Samson and Delilah, is story about Samson a strong Israelites,fall in love with Delilah,a lady of Philistine (Palestinian) who treason him for rewards from Philistine rulers.Off-course it is an epict movies,but what an epict movies if it does not include a romance like in this movie? Love, loyalty and treason are all ingredients in our loves,which would set which love you will have,bitter or sweet like what has Samson had,a treason from his lover,Delilah.

While for David and Goliath,like what has written in Bible,it has similarity in Muslim holy Quran. Stated in ages where Philistine(Palestinian) and Israelites declared war, young boy called David emerged to accept challenges from mighty giant who stands tall than any other men and greatest warrior amongst Philistine warriors to have a fight with Israelites warrior face by face,men by men.

But no one dares to live up the challenge from the Phillistinian which King Saul(Thalut) of Israelites and his people's dignity humbled to its pits until the day one young boy who his daily work as shepherd bravely answer the request from Goliath(Jalut). The rest was all history, David defeat him and that day was a beginning of the day where eventually David became King of Israelites, replacing the old King Saul(Thalut).

*All in brackets are all name in Quranic verse or in Arabic.

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