Sunday, April 12, 2009

Malaysia Politics are laughing stock

There was no other part of the world , will be more than 3 candidates contesting each others on who will deserved for the contituency like what had happened in Bukit Selambau. There was merely a record of "World Guinness Records" made by our own self-desire by 15 to be incumbents competed for one state seat that was being contested, apart of other two constituents which filled vacant after the death of previous incumbent.

If these independent to be incumbent are so eager to help and plights of local people at Bukit Selambau, then these 13 people must united and only bring forward one qualified person to contest with Goliath party like PKR an BN. Though all these 13 contested in independent ticket, but i guess if you really like what you have talked,you must also walk the talk,by not giving a headache to choose from 15 candidates in such small ballot paper? Somemore,why cannot sacrifice your own self agenda if you were really want to take care of people's interest first?

This joke must not and should not be happened again. To me,this was totally insults to already disgusting Malaysia politics,as i could only seen this self-desire above people's interest and just to separate votings between these two way contests,PKR vs BN.

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