Thursday, May 14, 2009

Events with my fiancee

Happy 26th Birthday,my love...

Honoring the birthday girl by giving plenty time before cut the cake off.Happy B'day dear..

The choc mudge birthday cake to my love,Murni

Happy together always...and love will always blossom

On 29th April, my fiancee had celebrated the 26th birthday and it was the day commemorating of our important day in our life, we were celebrating the 2nd year of anniversary we have been together. It was a surprise but not very much surprises,as men tends to forget any big days,and to me,it will be very big mistakes,coz if i forgot once,it means like i am hitting two birds with one stone since 29th April is my fiancee birthday and our anniversary too.

A day before i make an order of my fiancee favorite cake at Secret Recipe,but i forgot to ask them to write happy anniversary on the cake. No big gifts to my special person in my life nor big memories to her compared the previous celebration perhaps cost to bear for our biggest day with just around the corner but what i can say honestly, i tried to make it sweetest as it can over stringent budgets.

We had dinner together,part of the birthday celebration for only both of us together, then we went to KLCC park for having sightseeing partly but my intention was to have a sit and talk together of anything because i know, to have good relationships,both must cheering each other, be supportive at all time,be tolerant despite different opinion arised and not to forget to mention must always be communicated. It will hurt if you just keep it inside though you can talk it out to your patner, and it will be more hurtful if you have communicated but your partner ignores whatever you have said.

I have found this statement from TheStar which very deep sensible, love is not a feeling that you felt love is high in the air but it is a constant feeling even when you are having some fights with your partner,you will still feel the heat of name called "Love".

To the most special person in my life(other than my parent & family..i have said that..hehe),Sayang...i love you so much,this love never fade away,not even a single thing but has kept blossoming since the day one we being together,and would like to cherish you,Happy 26th birthday. Wish you a more succesful life and we will be happier than ever.

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Luv u sayang...