Friday, May 08, 2009

It Does not mean backwards if teaching Science & Math in Bahasa Malaysia

"Bahasa menggambarkan bangsa", language is what reflects the nations, variously showed by many nation countries like Korea, Japan,Germany that without neglecting their native speaking language, they still propel and advanced well ahead other countries.

While for Malaysia, funnily,still languished with decision on whether to remain the policy teaching Science and Maths in English or revert back to Bahasa Malaysia.

Funny isnt it? If the reason wanted to retain the policy by some people acclaimed that students will suffer a lot when they are going to varsity, since the books are majority all in English, then why only Math & Science being conducted in English, isnt it better to teach all subjects in English medium except to Bahasa Malaysia subject itself?

Revert to Bahasa Malaysia for Science & Math subject in school
Well,i guess you need to look to older generation that had not even taste this kind of guinea pig policy(do not look into older generation,just enough to people that dubbed baby boomer born in 1980s), but still able to understand,speak and write well if not outstanding,and above of all, able to secure and bring back some valuable pay every months. My point of view, to strengthen all races under one roof,under newly tagged 1Malaysia,we should have one language that common to all, which will brings back all people to square one, Bahasa Malaysia.

Agreeable that english is important in communicating people globally but if it is the case, why must only teach these 2 subjects in English?

Focus on English subject itself
Why cannot we concentrate on English subject itself like have an extra hours for its session to our own pupils?

While at the same time,Government should encourage not just students but Malaysian to read and buy English medium knowledge books by re-print all hard books by getting the license first from the oirginal book publisher to bring down the price and make it affordable for Malaysian. From there, i believe that 2 books read by Malaysian in a year will only become history and unforgotten story.

Does it means extra humilitation to Malaysian if some of their youngersters cultivated and grown in English medium environment without knowing their native language which some isolated cases reported in newspaper that few Malaysians cannot really speak and understand well Bahasa Malaysia?

There was little fear for that,simple as from my experience that currently living with other races in my neighborhood and bumped with them in the elevator, i will have an hesitant face in which language i should greet them, understand that some of us really proud and preferred speaking in English during normal conversations daily. At the end,i choose to greet my neighbors in one common language, what else if not our own language,Bahasa Malaysia? and yes, they did reply with the same language which i hardly to feel unrecognized too.

But that does not means that i do not speak well in English if i speak in Bahasa Malaysia,doesnt it?

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