Saturday, May 16, 2009

Riel Food Heaven

The Best Asam Pedas in town: Batu Pahat(BP),Johor

Asam pedas stall,next to BP Post Office,nearby the BP walk.The whole row is dedicated for asam pedas stalls. It is even tastier than the best Asam pedas in Malacca and Asam pedas Kg.Jawa in Muar,Johor. I have tasted all,and know well how it taste but nothing at par with the Asam Pedas here,so you should try the best Asam pedas in town. Worthy to try but i bet you,you will come again craving to taste it again,and again.

Food varieties:
Asam Pedas for the main dishes, Some veggies like bean sprout etc and fried egg. I will bet that you will even sip the gravy of asam pedas until the last sip.

There are 3 varieties of asam pedas that you may choose from asam pedas ikan pari(sting-ray fish),asam pedas ikan merah(usually they will ask how many pieces of ikan merah that has been cut in small size rather than giving the whole fish) and the fish head(owhh..yummmy,my fiancee and i love this very much..but warning as much delicious it is, it is the most expensive choice here rather the two mentioned).

Affordable range,good taste of what you have paid, but if you choose the fish head for one bowl, the price is around RM18 to RM20. That is the most expensive,but if you only ask for one cut of fish (either of ikan pari (sting-ray) or ikan merah), then at most it will only cost you around RM7-Rm10 per bowl.

Unsure where to choose from many? Then just find the stall for this sign,i have tried all from asam pedas stalls here,but this stall have attracted me most with its delicious asam pedas. Try it, and you surely nod the same.

How irresistible seeing this in front of you,isn't?

The Best Mee Bandung in town: Mee Bandung BP

Location :
Odeon Cinema,opposite Garden Hotel

Food varities:
All local foods,but specialty here you must try,Mee Bandung BP

Rm3.50,believe it or not,and plus with drink like Teh O' Ice it would not beyond Rm6.

I guess it should be Odeon instead Odean...Basically the food court here has been called by local folks as Odeon Food Court, taken the name of cinema next to it, Odeon.

There are all offers the same dishes,but do not to worry, if you enter the entrance,you can see two rows of stall on your left and your right, the stall that i prefer here and consider as the best Mee Bandung BP offered in town( i can say the best in Malaysia), look for the 3rd stalls from first stall on your right side. If still little sure, just look for the same as photos i have attached here. The price for one plate mee bandung?

Well, you might be surprised,it is only RM3.50 with delicious taste of it. saliva is running wild now in my mouth.

I was stirring the hot Mee Bandung BP, still hot and delicious as ever since the first time i tasted it when i was young kids. I am not joking,i came here first with my father adores the taste of it, and as young kid you will become selective in foods that you are not very familliar, but when i maturely grown, i start to like the taste of Mee Bandung BP. If i ever chance to go to BP town (my fiancee living in its uptown), i will ask my fiancee to eat here besides of my other preferrable dining place like asam pedas.

Here you may see the people are enjoying the food. Last time, this food court had one stall offered all kind of soups with few slices of bread, and the most interesting part, you may add the soup whenever the soup is finished(not with its content,only soup) and too with another slices of bread but still pay the same price. Now,the stall is not operated anymore, maybe the stall operator has pass away or maybe relocated.One thing for sure,i still young kids that time and the stall operator himself has grown its beard and old enough.

This is how the Mee Bandung BP looks like. The taste maybe you will say similar to Mee Bandung Muar if you were taste it for the 1st time, but the ingredient that being used is bit different, they used groundnuts.

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