Friday, May 08, 2009

Sick with our politician!

Chaos again in Perak

I wonder,why there is in hurry sitting for state assembly first of all if the case of legitimity of suspended 6 states assemblymen including the current Menteri Besar,Dato Seri Dr Zambry still in court say.

Secondly, why must the sitting happens prior to the court outcome? Did the responsible person for all these assembly sitting had thought of the consequences happened if they proceed like what they have done now? I guess they did not foreseen but only been lead by hunger of power and money,and not to care of their citizens.

Readers here,would clearly understand me what i am appealing for to anyone that scroll this issue out from the carpet. Lets forget all drama and turn back your responsibility to your people.

In my point of view,to prevent more disharmonize happens currently in Perak, there are 2 options left open, postponed the assembly sitting until the court have given out their word of 6 suspended incumbents.

Secondly, lets dissolve the state assembly in Perak, but clearly this one would not preferrable considering the cost of ballots and all would only mean throwing Rakyat money again to the drains for another balloting days. Not to mention, the loss will be on Perak folks.

However, i was thinking,these two would not easily implemented,considering both sides, the now and then states government have their own alter egos. Realistically, i would suggest wait until the court decided who is the rightful Menteri Besar. Whoever chosen by court is the legitimate Menteri Besar the loss party must respect and serve back their consitituents rather than having another spats.

Another bad and shame days for Malaysian politics. Clearly Perak in a hot soup and it is dire situation to undo it.

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