Sunday, May 17, 2009

Win XP guides

How to repair Win XP OS using recovery console?
  1. Insert the Win Xp installation CD, and when the options listed you can see the blue screen with options, (read the options carefully if you are not used with it) .You need to choose the 2nd option, using recovery console which needs you to press "R" to trigger the recovery console.
  2. Now you are in recovery console mode(if you see, it is more likely to command prompt). It will ask you:

Which windows installation would you like to log into(to cancel,press ENTER)?

If you have one installation and most of us have one except you have dual boot, then press "1".

3. You will be prompted with Administrator password though usually it is defaultly with no administrator password.

4. Now you may proceed with task like bootcfg(if there was any issue with boot.ini or when you receive some files of system32 are missing,usually need to repair this way), fixboot or even repairing the boot sector due to missing or corrupted ntldr or files. You may type "Help" to list all command listed.

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