Friday, June 12, 2009

Thumbs up to English is a must pass in SPM

However,there must be a mechanisme for our national language is not forgotten

Language shows us what we are, precisely taught in P.Ramlee movie in Seniman Bujang Lapok when Sudin favours help from a Singh(scene with a guard) but with no manner yelling to him "oii" instead calling him properly. But what was the movie,language and example i have said earlier? It does not seems going well,isnt it?

If you read back in my previous post,touched on English vs Bahasa Malaysia, you will find that i have said clearly, there was no way to replace Bahasa Malaysia as a unity language of all races in Malaysia.

From the title above,clearly i am astounded with the brave move but not disagree over it . It is a signal and nod from the Government to make English as an important skills for especially when considering lackadaisal of our graduates in landing job due to fail to capitalize English in communications.

However, i observed that harmonise amongst all races became intesified lately and the only way to rectify it is by protecting and preserving the value of Bahasa Malaysia. I still vividly remember long ago when i was child,Chinese Malays and Indians walking together and chat each other,cling their hands together, playing football or even when playing ceper( 5 pieces of glass bottle cover which then need to juggle over our forehand and palm) where all of us united with one language, Bahasa Malaysia.

P/s: Approached many times by other nationalities when i answered them that i am Malaysian. I asked back,why you raised your eyebrows? They said, your accent and language(language?huh...i understand what they meant) quite clear compared to other Malaysians here. I asked back, was that meant that you hardly understand me? Then i added back, well, i could say that i would take that as a compliments. All of us laughed together.

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