Tuesday, August 04, 2009

1 Malaysia:People's first

People's first?

Our PM,Dato Seri Najib has got my two thumbs up for the first 100th days he is on his PM seat. Not bad at all,he looks confident and knows exactly what needs to be done and be fixed. I hope him and his team not just creating the slogans wise but too to walk to the talk, but so far is so good to him.

Just to mention,People means Malaysians but not to chronies or whatsoever, and if it does, it will mean failure to our nations. People to me is commoners, which compromises of more than 50% stature of our populations, which if their finance stability and welfare being taken care of like what Dato Seri look upon to, there is no doubt that one day he will be called,Tun Najib Tun Razak,father of 1Malaysia (rakyat).

Strengthen the bond amongst Malaysians, remind the young of 5 National Principles

Go amongst any schools,workplace or even housing area, it is uncommon to not to see different races to mix together anymore like what we have been used before. We do have the sights still,but it is rare sights and merely non-exists.

To become strong and propel country,all races must work together with no skepticism or hidden agenda amongst other leave the skin color alone with hands cling tightly.

The most important thing,how many of young one or the pillar of our nations' future aware and remember the 5 National Principles or we call it Rukun Negara?


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