Tuesday, August 04, 2009

H1N1 Issue: Now it is 8th death

How well we prepared and aware of the disease

Shocked and surprised by not turned up to mass media for few days and recently look upon them back and we all have the 8th death of H1N1.

I can recall since the day one the disease has emerged and we have been told not to push the panic button by Health Ministry,but due to this level and amount of deaths, what is our contingency plan to fightback?

Look at the airport,i could not see any signs that working there that they are compulsory to wear mask at least to lessen the risk of people at front line of battling the disease.

If you just came back from any trips recently,did you see any of these frontliners work like what they did when the disease first emerged? Instead,you will only be given a yellow card if you are having H1N1 symptoms but aside of that, did you see any signs that we are battling heavily of H1N1?

It would be better by Health Ministry push the alarm rate to all people not only telling Malaysians to apply hygiene life daily but being pushy to clinics to tell any case of H1n1 symptoms to them. There is work to be done,but how far they are prepared for this battle? and How far we confident that Malaysian are up to the same level to the others Malaysians in preventing the rising amount of deaths?

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