Tuesday, August 04, 2009

ISA review: Should stay but with one two amendments needed

Stop politicizing ISA and hoarding the streets

It was hurting me much that again, we are in embroiled state of politics by again the street protesters which mastermind by opposition leaders.

I do agree that to build the nations we cannot have one sided mind to guide us all to greater positions, we must have the pro and the cons but nothing much we are gaining by held street demonstrations, it is only lead to fracas, chaos,hurting to non-affect citizens by stuck in massive traffic jam, chase the investors away from doing business here to the name a few.

Why must all of us being nosy of this ISA remembering that our PM saying that the ISA will reviewed, as to me it is still relevant (which mainly establishment due to the communism regime last time during emergency period) but this time, to terrorist and any people that harm or threaten our national security but not because he has different political ideologies.

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