Friday, September 11, 2009

Asian Cup Qualifying 2011

Uzbekistan - Malaysia
Date: 14 November 2009
Venue: Tashkent

Malaysia - Uzbekistan
Date:18 November 2009
Venue: Most Probably National Stadium Bukit Jalil or Shah Alam Stadium (Not confirmed)
****Updated from, it will be held at MBPJ Stadium,Petaling Jaya****

UAE - Malaysia
Date: 6 January 2010

Supports needed especially when our national team playing away at Tashkent,Uzbekistan and at UAE.

Our students and Malaysians who works at these place are encouraged to come and thronged to give limitless supports to our own team.

Our Embassy should play the role actively here by announcing the fixtures involving of their own jurisdication and authority,to let our people aware and come to stadium giving the morale supports to our players.

Maybe on the paper,yes we are fated to lose,but who knows,with the 12th players,there would be miracle happens? Ball is round or let say it is sphere for some people, and no one knows to tell the future precisely.Only God knows!

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