Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Malaysia Friendly Fixture this Friday

Malaysia vs Lesotho
Venue : KLFA Cheras Stadium
Date & Time : 11 Sept 2009, 9pm

Come and lets fill up the empty seats at our own ground to support our own national team.
Who else if not us,the Malaysian.

We are 1Malaysia, lets not put all the dissimilarities and show the world who we are by united to all ways!

Latest updates !!!
Venue changed to MBPJ Stadium,Petaling Jaya
Closest sources confirmed last night that the friendly fixture has been brought to MBPJ Stadium,but looks like the kickoff time still remain the same.

Entry fees? If looking back to all home friendly,most probably it will be RM10 per seat.

To all Malaysians that stil unaware of this game and what was the purpose of it, it is meant to provide competitive matches to our national team under23 for the SEA Games in Laos.

We can say the team is our national team since our headcoach Rajagobal taking care of the job,i would say the senior team has been dissolved.

Good Luck,Young Tiger and let us all do our part by giving the morale supports they really needed especially to some of us that given no hope to our National Football Team.

P/s: No matter what and how many medals we won in Laos,but still it could not match with winning the Gold Medal in football competition in Sea Games.

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