Thursday, October 01, 2009

Another Talisman is in making or would he be like another talents drain?

Teenager Tam Sheang Tsung is the first Malaysia to make the grade in the J-League, getting a deal with Yokohama FC’s youth team

This news i got from TheStar,reported by Tan Karr Wei that give me mixful feeling on whether to cheer on or sober over another wasteful talents if he chosed to represent Japan rather than to his own native land.

Does our football authority,FAM aware of this and would try to win his heart to don national jersey?
Tam looking good to make the news in the J-League
DREAMS do come true if you work hard enough to make it in football — whether home or abroad. Last month, a 13-year-old Malaysian boy living in Japan was picked to play for the Yokohama FC Under-15 team. Tam Sheang Tsung, who is currently a Form 1 student in Ginza Junior High School in Chuo-ku in Tokyo got to know about his selection into the team on Feb 16.

His mother Ang Hui Chin, 41, said that he was spotted by Sports Network Japan, one of the agencies for the Japanese Olympic Commitee and the Japanese Football Association.

“They were head-hunting to train potential sportsmen between 12 and 15 to undergo intensive training in preparation for the 2016 Olympics under the Japan League clubs,” said Ang, who has been living in Japan for almost 15 years and runs the Rasa Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo with her husband Tam Yun Tong.

Tam was born and raised in Tokyo. The lad has a keen command of the Japanese and Mandarin languages.

Ang said that Tam had impressed the talent scouts when he captained the Narimasugaoka Primary School team to a silver medal in the West Tokyo Tournament.

Tam, who is a big fan of English Premier League team Chelsea, has been playing football since he was seven and lists Frank Lampard as his idol.

While he usually plays as a midfielder, he is also comfortable taking up multi-positions in the game.

Tam Sheang Tsung, the first Malaysian to be recruited into the JLeague
Division 2 Yokohama FC Under-15 team, is no stranger to the
hard training regime.

“I used to train from 7am to 8am before school and resume training at 4pm,” said Tam.

With his inclusion in the Yokohama FC team, his schedule will be even more hectic, having to rush for training with the team on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 10pm at a venue about 40km from Tokyo and playing in matches on the weekends.

The Japanese system has moulded Tam into an independent and disciplined footballer because even in primary school, parents were not allowed to send their children to the training field, let alone accompany them while training.

His passion for the game continues off the field and he enjoys watching BPL, Bundesliga and Serie A matches.

While Ang hopes to see her son playing for the national team before he turns 20, Tam seemed to more inclined towards European football.

“I hope to follow the footsteps of the Japanese senior players and play in European clubs,” said Tam.

Yokohama FC is currently in the Division 2 of the J-League, finishing 10th during the 2008 season.

Following the socio model used by FC Barcelona, the Fulie Sports Club created Yokohama FC in 1999, the first professional sports team in Japan owned and operated by its supporters. Former German World Cup star Pierre Littbarski had two stints as the club’s manager.

As a high point, the club spent one season in the J-League in 2007 but was relegated with five games to spare.


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