Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MCA issue: Lets think in bigger picture,shall we?

One that should be clapping hands, is the culprit of PFKZ fiasco,who else?
If you read theSun dated on Oct 19 in Column Section written by Kee Thuan Chye,(off course it were all f.o.c daily and ubiquitous too),i was being humour here, well back to my point just now, the writer,Mr Kee has urged MCA current President,Dato Seri Ong Tee Keat to uphold to his principle by resigning from his post.
He just simply used the words uttered repeatedly by Ong himself,"A simple majority[on the no-confidence vote] once carried,I will be left with no choice but to bow out and step down. Seriously he wanted Dato Ong to step down badly just because of the simple promise. If that it is, i believe almost of all politicians in Malaysia should steps down from their position,if you know what i meant. Failure to carry task as MP and not simply walk the talk of their own made, Pencapaian Didahulukan, Rakyat Diutamakan" more less precisely say like this "My Profits come first,Rakyat come the last" or in Malay " Untung Saya diutamakan, Rakyat saya fikir kemudian".
He even questioning on why Ong still stalling on to keep his own word with proposed to call for another EGM. I may not a Chinese and nor Ong supporters, but let me tell you one thing, all Malaysians are observing this issue and let me use one your statements here,that nowadays Malaysians are lowering their expectations of the integrity of our politicians which i totally disagree with you.
Let me take the same example given by you,Mr Kee comparing the recent by-election winner in Bagan Pinang,Dato Seri Isa Samad with the breakable promised by Dato Seri Ong Tee Keat. Have you not seen a clear picture here, Mr.Kee?
Comparing two different issue but have similarity in integrity is just the same like you comparing between Lion and Tiger,they are same in term of species but they are different indeed, don't they?
For your information,Isa Samad was suspended due to money politics years back which it means he is corrupted politicians and cannot be tolerate to be given him a second chance at all, and while Ong does not hold his promise to step down from his current post,but does not mean by this simple word that would deleting all his efforts in just one year? Cannot we give this man to finish his unsolved business? I will tell why he has to be at the top post,at least until the next General Election in latter part of my thread here.
I am so attracted to your another beautiful statement, "what means more to me is a man's word and his integrity, That's what separates the men from boys" but i think what makes men difference from boys is his mind and intelligence to know which one is good or bad to be taken in the situation like this.
We call it as conscience,Mr Kee, and a boy like me(though now i am 26,but i understand what does Mr Kee written by men and boy here) i would love to guide men like you who always think in bigger picture but missed out some importance element here, that we all will be losing except the culprit of PKFZ fiasco,who is now clapping while laughing out loud on what is happening now.
Let us do not forget that boy like me have awaited politician like him mooted on transparency, accountability andanti-corruptions besides of being committed in the portfolio that been given to him (as a proof that he always spare his hectic time to check himself on how can he improved the communities with transportations issue that we all moaning) than other politicians who always quarelling on which is the legal government in one state,(oh,do i need to mention the state,anyone?)
If he,Dato Ong steps down, i doubt there will be another politician like him that bold enough to not being popular by unearthing the truth of biggest scandal of the year, the PKFZ fiasco. I am quite sure, if he does it, the PKFZ issue would be swept under carpet like how the case of Nur Azlin, like the case of 32 crack pillars along MRR2 stretch, and how Government gives and signed contract to Highway Concessionaires that eventually the rakyat have to take its toll of their action,to name a few?
Do we still remember all these? I am almost believe that how easily we forget all these and keep forgiving while the stories will still be the same,again and again. Rakyat takes the burdened but the culprit ran away just like that.
Again,it would another blow for Malaysians money that do not really know how and where all multi billions of their tax money gone to.
Finally, if Dato Ong steps down, will it solve all the rifts in MCA? Mr Kee,please answer it.
Let this boy answer it for you, the answer is no,not at all, and it does not mean i was agreed with Dato Ong with calling upon another EGM either. Looks like someone has to interfere if MCA still wanted to become relevant still before the next General Election that is not long way to go.


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