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Suggestion to save our dire states football league,M-League

Privatised would not solving the issue, the whole aspects need major revamption

I have been compelled to give suggestion on how can we save our own league from not been ruled out to be held in the next season,2010.

FAM have been bold enough by implementing strict requirements for all FAs to take part need to have hefty money in their pocket and deposit for some amount.

Every team would need to have RM2.5m in their pocket while have to deposit RM150k if they would like to compete in Super League while for competing in lower league,Premier League, the teams need to have RM1.5m in their account not to mention RM1ook for the deposit. Not surprising at all, only 4 teams so far have registered for the next season ,Selangor, Johor FC,Johor FA and Majlis Perbandaran Muar(which they will competing in FAM league, 3rd lowest league).

Lets put off the option further to call upon Cigarettes Company to give FAM funds like what they did long time ago,in Semi-Pro period time.What i would like to suggest was in the long run for better future of our own league that lost its prestige and heat everytime the league was initiated.

1] FAM need to become one body that only monitor the league through one private company that they have setup 2 years back, MSL Sdn Bhd. The company should be proactive like use massively mass media to create an awareness of the league so the youngster will turn back to our own league like what happened in my young day,even during school days discussing with alot of domestic league with each of us will saying good of any favourite players and team.
I doubt youngsters these days know players like baby boomers same age like me knew the likes of Karel Stromsik, Alistair Edwards, Abbas Saad,Mubin Mokhtar, Khairul Azman Mohamad that once been dubbed as one of best three goalkeepers in Asia.

Then, here it goes the intriguing part on how the league should be conducted. If you watch NBA Basketball, surely you know that the league there is divided by regions?

2] Lets take an example,we have West Malaysia and East Malaysia. In each of these two, West Malaysia is divided by Northern,Central,East Coast and Southern Regions. So, all FAs have to collaborate in term of funds to held the league in their respective region.

Here i listed down in details of how it should be conducted according to the region:

I will take an example of Northern Region,it is comprises of Perak,Kedah,Perlis and Penang. So, all the FAs in this region have to share equal funds to held the league and prize for this region only, not FAM to bear the cost.

Initially, just limit 2 teams to represent each states which i none of the team in the region will competing teams in other region except if they become champion of its respective region.

By doing this way, cost will be cut-off extensively for all FAs for transportation and accommodation that long have haunted each FAs.

If these 4 states represented by 2 team each that means it will have 8 teams in Northern Region League. Take it as round-robin, then in Northern Region itself we already have 16 matches,excluding other regions.

The same goes for another regions. Take another example,Central Region combined with Southern Region. Central like Selangor,Negeri Sembilan combined with Melaka and Johor. Initial states, same like what i have explained as for Northern Region, 2 teams each then in this region will have 16 matches.

Let shall not forget, Selangor itself is divided by Federal Territories like Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya which it would added more teams if the league would need to expand its participation.
Can you imagine how many talents that would be unearth if each region we have 16 matches collectively? How much cost that every team can saved from not going far away from their each regions?

Finally, every regional champions will competing based on the draw since we have Northern,Southern+Central, East Coastal and East Malaysia.

At this stage, there would not have any round-robins like in earlier stage of each regions.

Unlikely in regional stage, here is the FAM responsibility to handle the competition and its prize money and trophy,at this stage only.

3]Create team based on sense of belonging and start from basic.

I cannot imagine how can we attract more supporters of KL Plus,or KM Naza for example which do not have sense of belonging except supports were given mainly from their own staff to support the team.

Or maybe from the players family? If that is happens, would it be the collection gates is sufficient to fund the whole cost of one team for example?

Would it be better if the team estblished based on districts that surely will bring attract people to support their own city instead nonsence name been given?

For example,scrap all FAs team according to the state and put it as district instead example Selangor FC changed to Shah Alam FC.

Initially, all major district advisable to inherit players and management from current state's FAs.

FAM still need to implement the money restriction for each team to compete in this newly revamped league so the same old story would not happen again.

FAs that must efficient enough and must spend according to their own budget.

It is good to lease venue from school field for an official venue if FAs could not afford to own any land which later if they could use to build the stadium on it.

If the FAs own the stadium or mini-stadium, they will get return if their stadium being used for any other occasion for example. But, if does not afford, better use what they can like use school field instead.

This what is implemented in UK and Europe,each team own a stadium not the Local Housing Authority own stadium like our current situation here.

4] Put off on foreign players banning and implement 2F+2Y rules for each team. 2F means 2 foreign players and 2y means 2 younsters below 20years old to be played in every team.

There is no other way to gain back supporters by bringing back the foreign players and at the same do not deny place for our local youngster place to nurture their skills and flairs with both local and foreign players can get the same benefits from learning skills and techniques from each others.

In the end, Malaysia would reap the benefits if glory is redeemed again.

5]Last but not least, conduct more clinics to bring the best of local coach and scouts. I believe like Arsene Wenger says, to bring the best footballer, we need more good coach and scouts as well.

6]We have lots of Malaysians staying abroad and they have kids that can play good football too.

So why not we keep them communicated so they will have their minds latter to don our proudest own black and yellow stripes jersey.

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