Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today is the Windows 7 day out!!

All the hyped around with the latest Microsoft' OS,Windows 7 finally come to the end. Or can i say it was just beginning of new chapter?

Vista was so doomed due to unability to match the expectance by techie people as well as normal users.

Windows 7 derived from Vista platform but speedier like Windows XP during startup (due to Microsoft thrown away unnecessary process) plus with other cool features like Aero Snap & ,Libraries,Bitlocker,making Backup & Restore as easier tasks like it was never before and etc, looks like it will eclipsing the famously XP, maybe....

The pricing yet to be announced for Malaysia market but i do hope that it would not be far from affordable prices.

I believed with Windows 7 has fixed the bugs in what Vista had (and rest of history know what happened to overrated Vista,don't we),i guess it would not be long to see it in on every user machines,if only they,Microsoft have thought the right packages comes along with cool features and simplicity to user, then they would not have to wait long to announce their success over the Windows 7 released.

If you are using Win Xp and have intention to turn to Windows 7, there is no way for direct upgrade except to let go your current settings except to do with Clean Installation( if you d not know what i mean,clean means like installing on new system with no operating system). What can you do is to backup all data and then transfer back all data to your newly Windows 7 there. Got what i mean? It will be hassle a bit for XP users but for Vista, you would not have to gone through the same. You need to upgrade directly but the old data and settings can still be remain in new OS.

The great news that i got from Pc.Com magazine US released (not sure whether it will be offered in Malaysia though), Microsoft have offered the lower prices for Familiy Packages (comprises license for 3 machines of Home Premium) for USD149 compared to individual licenses for USD199. Pretty sweet deal,huh?

So far, there will be few editions of Windows 7,varied according to user need, such as Starter, Home Basic,Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise. Well,for home user i would suggest go for Home Premium since i am not sure if Home Basic would be available for Malaysia market since in US, it only has Premium available for home users.

If you would like take glimpses and feel of this newly Microsoft OS, Windows 7, just check it out at

Aero Shake Features, but to me it would be annoyable enough if you are accidentally shake your mouse. Part from this, i do not really seen any issue with Windows 7. Good job!

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