Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aidiladha Qurban at my wife's hometown

The oneness spirits that would be a rare sights and never exist anymore in the urban areas

Ibadah Qurban runs smoothly yesterday with the help of villagers around. Ibadah Qurban is known for muslims to remember the sacrificed of Nabi Ibrahim (prophets Abraham) and Nabi Ismail(prophets Ishmael) over an order from Allah to Ibrahim Alaissalam to slaughter his child,Ismail Alaihissalam.
The order from Allah was to test Ibrahim that just being bestowed a child after quite long was waiting for it. While for Ismail, the test just came when his father came back from Baitulmaqdis,Palestin after so long have not meet him. But in the end, when the knife was just about reached Ismail neck, Allah has changed the position of Ismail Alaihissalam with a qibasy(an animal similar like sheep).
This was where all cattle's 4 legs was tied (to prevent it from amuk) and one people here was digging hole for blood that will running out fast during slaughter.
The uncle in red shirts whispered, hmmm....what shall i do now,everyone seems has their jobs. Ok,never mind,i just take my seats then...somehow my legs is a bit pain after long stands. This is where all the fresh meats will then weighed equally before pass it to each houses in the area.

The photo above is the knee part of cattle that some likened it very much and even of Malays folks dubbed it as gearbox....another sumptuous Malay delicacies but beware,lot of fats and cautioned to anyone who has high blood pressure to stay away from this food.
Video that i was able to capture before its last moments on earth,could not capture moments being slaughteres since i have to give hands to them holding the cattle from its strangleness of dying.


Anonymous said...

The red tshirt uncle's name "Wak Yatin"


Anonymous said...

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