Thursday, November 26, 2009

Football talks

It is good when finally i have time and weather was also fine yesterday for letting me playing futsal again after quite long time.But yet, have a lot of practising needed to be back at level where i played, which at end before went for sleep, i felt swallow on my ankle and backpain. Maybe it was from PK practising shoot. Yeah,i was on the lowest scores for the PK, nonetheless i only lacking was the precision to shoot lower on the ground rather than flying over the goal. The ball speed was extraordinary and my shootings never went missing away from goal,only few inches going ahead of the goal. My foot reflex was also very awful looking back i have been better than that, but when thinking of this was only my first outing after few months back have not played, i have to patience,will be back with my level best.

FAM rues talents domestically and across the sea
So talk about football, Malaysia have vast of talents but the blatant ignorant of our Football Association in doing their works( MACC can you interrogate them what are they doing by coming into office everydays?) have let go them wastingly.

RM500 for PLASTIC chair at our National Stadium Bukit Jalil
Is this for real? I never know that seat for stadium has to be very specials and the price as well,though i know it would not come cheaply but i highly doubt that it would come with a price of special seats of Recaro for likes of European teams that install them for their seats on bench.If you are an avid football fans,just look at their bench like the Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Man Utd. It was a leather seats like no other racing seats. So,get my point here?

Obnoxious Kelantanese Fans
I am not discriminate but obviously who else that make Kelantan stellar performances if not one,from their supportively management and fanatics fans(i was not very sure of this,sorry since i could not find proper words to describe it) that acting obnoxiously especially when they lost? I maybe wrong to point finger to them, since i can be there,wear Kelantan jersey and burning up all banners and buntings when my lovely team lost,what for? It does not make sense isnt it?
Fanatics i regard as always be there to your team that you supporting,no matter what happens. If this thing happens to Kelantan when they were doldrums and still have stadium-goers,i will raise my hat to them.

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