Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reminiscing 1st Aidilfitri with my wife

Ahh,thinking back,time gone very fast nowaday. I felt i just celebrated Aidilfitri like yesterday despite it left so much long,few month away from us now.

But the memory,celebrating as men and husband and son of someone, really makes my feeling sentimental of all these.

Here i am sharing some photos taken from the last raya at my hometown. With some new members of family in my big family also came back, the raya mood really enjoyable. I even visited my best cousins,Haikal this time around despite every raya could not do so since we have grown up and having own commitments now.

Mum(from left) : I think Malaysia should sell rendang widely around the globe and name it as 1Rendang.
Aunty Cam(middle) : Ohh,do not forget the nasi impit as well, Chom.
Aunty Nas : Can only smiles and almost bursting into laugh hearing conversations from both of them.

Uncle Shali and Uncle(standing from left and right respectively leaning on the wall) must be thinking "When will si Hafiz ni done his barbeques,we both are starving already"

What a big happy family and my mum(standing from left) cannot missed every shots i taken seems.

From left,my father,my mum, tok wan(hidden behind my mum here),me and my wife, and Uncle Shali.

Aunty Nas( 2nd from right in counter-clockwise) : Sell all shares! This is the right moment...
Aunty Cam (next to Aunty Nas) : Ehhem,(almost coughing)

Aunty Nas( 2nd from right in counter-clockwise) : Just sell it, how many times i wanna say to u. Cannot u understand?!
Tok Wan (sits next to abah,2nd in clockwise) : Ai, Nas ni...still not finish with selling things. What do i care, eating is more important now. The rendang and nasi impit would not come everydays.
Pre-lauch of fire-crackers( rocket firecrackers)- Children under12 please play with adult custodian.

Smile before it was too late,sisters. Abah relishing moments of his childhood seems

Wher were all gone?Haha....runaway for your life seems. It may flying to the air anytime soon!!!
My sisters,Ana and Adik and my lovely wife.
Uncle Shali: Hehe,now Hafiz is not here, i am the one who will be chef now! heheh..em,can i eat all of these,it look so sumptuous. Yeah,it all mine now.
Yayaya,stop the posing ladies...Hehe.
Tok Wan (standing front of the door grill): Singing a song, " Di hari raya,terkenang daku kepada si dia...lalala,lalalala
Love you my dear!
And, welcoming my friend for their new chapter in life !!!
Congratz to Yasir and Nadia!
My best congratulations too to Yati and her husband!
May both of you guys can get through of all the obstacles that will come into life and enjoy of every moments together.

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