Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Football Sea Games Updates: Malaysia are one step closer to achieve their "Gold" target

Nervy performances after lead by 1 goal almost cost us place in final against gritty host,Laos

Malaysia 3 - 1 Laos
2 goals from left flanker Badrul Bakhtiar and Safiq Rahim eliminate 20000 Laotians thronged in stadium to watch the first ever moments their team went through to final. Badrul share the limelights when he scored twice and the first goal,the bicycle kick in just 14mins, shall be remembered as one of the beaufitul goals in tournament.
The match was likely to be decided to extra-time when Laos erased the one goal within 70-75mins but suddenly changed when long and thunderous shot from S.Kunanlan hit the upper post while Laos keeper had already lost his possesion and it falls to Badrul who was unmark and just reach out his leg to score his and Malaysia second goal.
The curtain was end in quickfire goal just few minutes after 2nd goal came by Safiq Rahim, the midfielder.
The score does not really reflects the overall performances though since the midfielder seems lost their sparks and invention in passes compared to their counterpart that playing high tempo and short passes similar to Vietnam.
Apart of midfield dynamisms, the tactics seems not right applied just after we lead by one goal, switching from offensive to defensive which causes all players including our wingers and midfielder to playing deep to help defence,hoping the Laos offensive playgot frailties somewhere before hitting them with counter attack. Eventually Rajagobal,our head coach may feels he got it right, but in my opinion it would caught us next time if we play complacently like that again if we are leading. Somewhow we will dealing with the team in final that have beaten us too soundly earlier in group stage,Vietnam by 1-3. Hence,any flaw in our game recently need to be rectified or we shall be punished to not to win our first gold medal in 20 years in football sea games.
For the final, Malaysia will be strengthen with their 1st eleven members like right flanker,Amirul Hadi and strikers like Ahmad Fakri Saarani(who scored the goal winning against Thailand) who were both suspended and Zaquan Adha who known for his acceleration and agility that just came back recovered from eye contracts.
Vietnam in the other match earlier, won by 4-1 against Singapore.
Malaysia vs Vietnam
17 December 2009
5pm (6pm MST)
3/4 th Placing
Laos vs Singapore
17 December 2009
3pm (4pm MST)


dal.ya.nun.ya said...

sayang sekali tak dapat jumpa kau malam tadi brother.busy barangkali.

sampai sekarang tak tidur.asek repeat goals from our lads jek nih.hahaha

take good care brother.long live ultras.

Am_7riel said...

dini,sorry bro kecewakn korang...aku pon keciwa,sbb keje membataskan nk jmpe korang...well,kita dh msuk final,17hb nih final tp tuhla match pkl 6pm plak...lgla,xdpt.maybe if we can meet bila nk jemput our players kat airport subang...hehe,hecules c130...cool tuh

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