Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jetfighter Engine was missing?

Missing or Sold for own purpose?
Errk,i was so speechless when i read newspaper last 2 days.
Our jetfighter engine was missing? Not one,but two engines, really leaves myself in shell shocked.

How can this happen,especially thinking back these are military equipments that all this time was kept by the army itself?

The thing that was really makes me more mindblogging, the Royal Airforce only realized the missing after a year!

I am sure it was internal syndicate,lets hope for it,but if somebody stole it from our military camp, then i guess we shall ask question to ourselves,can we rely on the army to protect our sovereignity if they were not capable to take care their own equipments from stolen or missing?

To internal people involved, i hope that they will be punished heavily due to they have misconducted the responsibilities given for intelligence defence properties. If they were not, i pray they all will take the tolls when they face god in judgement days!

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