Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mystery surrounds:Who actually we beat yesterday?

Was is the real Syria National Team?
Suddenly few theories risen amongst forumers in and myself too on who actually Malaysia played with last night? Malaysia really outplayed the team that have qualified to Asian Cup, looks like very deceiveful though it was not possible at all,to any team due to the ball is round.
1st theory came when Malaysia fixtures against Syria at first was displayed in but few days back before the match it was retracted. Why did FIFA webmaster taken out the Syria match from Malaysia fixtures?
2nd theory came when we outplayed easily against 91st ranked team in the world. Rarely there was any danger to our back four for the whole match.
3rd theory that makes lot of forumers pondered, this Syria team only brought 3 substitutes against us in yesterday match. Why only 3 instead you can brought 5-7 for friendlies?
So what team that we beat resoundingly yesterday?
I really need confirmation, perhaps press can take a look matter on this.
To me, it was just another wasting match if the team we beat was not the Syria national team due to the purpose of the match to reassess our strengths and weaknesses just after our players rested from trainings after we won the gold medal in Sea Games.
We do not need morale booster match instead we need to prepare the good team before flown to UAE who virtually one step to qualify to Asian Cup,against them in their own turf.


I went to the forum this morning and found out from another forumer in that Syria travelled here with 19 players that will playing against China for their last match for Asian Cup qualifiers. I feel relieved at least knowing this news in regard of the match can be obtained if Malaysia against their 2nd squad or like the case happened last time which we supposed play against Zimbabwe but turned out it was anonymous Zimbabwe's club.

I found the news here, ... 8Gl7_Td5DW the translation of

Perhaps if you were thinking same like me,but now you can release all the doubts.

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