Thursday, December 24, 2009

Open Tender is the formula for Government to cut costs

Implement open tender any project created to bid,or else we will be revealing the same old stories by Auditor General yearly like chicken and egg story!!!
Packed and precised, that was the only formula if Government want to reduce the costs.
Wastage and tender given to chronies are very much synonym related to non-tender process.
I agree in some aspects,subsidies need to be eliminated but for some items, and not all that currently we have for good sake of rakyat especially in financial gloom that has not recovered yet. The common rakyat is the one who having the pinch on their faces to ensure their end meet monthly. However, the wastage is more than the subsidies that were given to rakyat,so why must punish us for your deficiency works?
P/s: I hope MACC can investigate the bestowment of 62 acres land to NAZA in return of building another "unnecessary to be built convention centre"
and not to mentioned the falling roofs of many buildings in Terengganu. Is this what Government looking for?

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