Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sea Games is now begun

All i ever waited for in Sea Games was football tournament unlikely from Olympic games, football seems overshadowed by 100 and 200 metres sprint.

We have not won the competition for now combining years of 20 years...That is too long,and it has gone with 2 digits now. How long would we have to wait more?

I simply cannot wait longer....

Please deliver the gold medal no matter what it stakes....

Malaysia thrashed Timor Leste with 11 goals? Can we proud of it? As i say many times in that this was not the real test,though it was a good one to deter other teams confidence level when they are facing us, but however....

In our 2nd match today,against Vietnam, it seems that we are cursed enough everytime we met them. We lost 1-3. Is not this is what i have said earlier? Winning with a big scores in the next match even will be meaningless if we cannot chalked a win against the Goliath,an eight times winners of football Sea Games,Thailand. Lets alone the lost to Vietnam after "impressive" wins against Timor Leste.

How long more can i wait? Same goes to Malaysians that are hopeful of potential of our players in the Sea Games,after full preparation prior to the tournament.

How long can we wait? Surely no time more!

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