Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This was it...Malaysia regained the gold medal finally after 20 years

Kudos to relentless players and our head coach,K.Rajagobal


Malaysia "Jalur Gemilang" was flying high

Despite the underdog status and was ruled out easily as real contenders by Vietnam Head Coach,Callistowhen he knew his team would be lining up against Malaysia in final. Earlier in the stage group, Vietnam beat Malaysia with 3-1 scoreline,no thanks to biased judgement made by South Korean referees. But,Malaysia emerged as the winner, thanks to deflected ball from Norshahrul and it went to Vietnam defenders before it went to inside the goal let alone Vietnamese Goalkeeper stunned silence.

It was all happened when Malaysia double their pressure after whistle from 2nd half was blowned, which 3 to 4 attempts really troubled the Vietnamese keeper and co to save the situation.It was different note while in the first half when Vietnam was controlling and possessing more ball with Malaysia sometimes only do their counterattacking. The match twice had been halted to give medical aid to Vietnam goalkeeper,after he collided with our strikers his mate in defence. That would not changed Callisto decision to still let him playing considering there was another 15 minutes to go,but when the Vietnamese keeper twice fell down bearing his pain, looks likely the substitute will happen. However,it was not and he forcing himself to play.

The arrival of Zaquan around 70mins of time play really gives a bit help on Malaysia offensive plays combining his force and agile Norshahrul Idlan Talaha who likes to dribble from flanks going into centre area.

This somehow makes Vietnamese defender allowing more space to Malaysia midfield to penetrate Vietnam fortress easily when both of Malaysia strikers pulling them off from their positions, and eventually the tactic went out fruitful in dying minutes of normal time when Safiq Rahim released Zaquan Adha from his through ball but Zaquan could not capitalize the chance when he only one-by-one with Vietnam keeper.

The ball can only be parried away by Vietnam keeper and it fell exactly to Safiq Rahim instead one-timer volley he would like to do he was kicking wind. He then chased the ball from going out from left flank of 3rd hald Vietnam's area and his teasing cross fell to Norshahrul who tapped it but he was unlucky to be denied as scorcher when the ball found out the Vietnam's defender on its route going into the Vietnam goal.

With only 10 minutes left, most of all Malaysia outfield player came down to help their defense absorbing an offensive gung-ho style played by retaliated Vietnam players but undoubtly it was too late to deny the winning that was so long adored by Malaysians that only came back after 20 years.

Final time,Malaysia 1-0 Vietnam

Vietnam player in dejected mood while Malaysia player were in jubilant. Final score 1-0 was shown on the scorboard clearly

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