Monday, January 11, 2010

New Fuel Subsidy

How will it be implemented ?

Soon,in 1st May of 2010 or maybe earlier than May, the old fuel subsidy will be abolished and replaced with new system.

Talks and hints have been made by Malaysian Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob that it will be implemented either by using MyKad or by determining capacity of car engine for Malaysians to enjoy the new fuel subsidy.

While for the foreigners would not be enjoying the same like they currently relishingHowever,i raised my eyebrows first when our minister announced of this kind of new fuel subsidy. I think it will be very much the same like current fuel subsidy, the subsidy would not be able to reach the target if they implementing according to variations of engine capacity.
1] Engine 2.0cc above - No Subsidy

2] Engine 1.5cc to 2.0cc- 50% Subsidy

3] Engine 1.5cc and below- 100% Subsidy

Though it has not confirmed yet how it will taken place like i mentioned as aboved, he Ismail Sabri had hinted this way.
If this happens, people who drive Mazda RX-8 price more than 220k with engine capacity 1.3cc will enjoy the same subsidy to low-middle earners who drive Proton Saga 1.3cc or Myvi 1.3cc. Does it sounds fair?

How about the enforcement will taken place? Will it be one officer to monitor all these traffic coming in to petrol stations and during they made the transactions at counter? How can we ensure the person who drove 2.4cc car will not get the subsidy of he supposed to have unlikely the below capacity engines car owner have?

How about to some people living at rural place in Sabah and Sarawak that rely heavily to pick-up truck or 4wD commonly price in 88k and engine capacity 2.0cc? They,people in Sabah and Sarawak have been burdened with expensive stuffs they paid for groceries whereby in peninsular you could get cheaper by merely a ringgit. How can Government expect they will survived if this new fuel system taking its place?
My suggestion is to stick to 1st mooted idea, by using MyKad which connect to our IRB (INLAND REVENUE BOARD) data servers that contains how much we brought our pay-check monthly while for who does not paying for any tax(i did say that you are the one who flee from paying tax,ok! You are not deserved at all to enjoy the subsidy if all these while you flee from your responsibility when you are eligible to pay tax!) then they are the one who should enjoy the 100% subsidy here.
But off course, the government servant that well paid cannot run from being excluded in this new fuel subsidy system that i am suggesting.

For paying not even more than RM100 for tax monthly,i would suggest people belongs in this category to enjoy 70% of fuel subsidy. This was merely an example to follow. It shall be narrowed down with another subgroups.

It may sounds tedious works,but that is what Government shall do and gather all their system administrators or programmers they have to in every department to connect each data of MyKad users to IRB data servers. That is what they paid for,and this should be their real works to be done as for now.

Lets hope that new fuel system would not be a flip-flop moves and confusing one, be it more reaching to it target people rather than be enjoyed to people who pocketing lot of money every months.

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