Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday is 'No Plastic Bag Day' in Selangor

Commenced on 9th January onwards,no plastic bag will be given to shoppers

Instead, shoppers who insist to be given any plastic bag will be charged 20cents each for plastic bags. Many were caught unawares due to there was lack of information spreaded to Selangor folks for the recent green moves. Perhaps it was due to no timeline of an announcement taken place to people's knowing before implementing it officially.

The initiative is followed by the success implemented in Penang in which they recorded zillions of plastic bags saved from being suffocating their surroundings and each cents from shoppers who insist on plastic bag will then go to Poverty Funds.

Sounds good,huh?

But,on the other aspects, could they the hypermarkets\supermarkets\retailers channel back on every single cents they can save by reducing common groceries?

It will be good if they can do that,for win-win situation,to nature,to retailers and to shoppers,the most important things here. Especially when government are so flip-flop in protecting our rights for fuel (it is national's property,but we seems pay more? compared to other oil producer?),groceries like veggies, chicken meat etc makes rakyat feels the pinch, from commoners goes down to each of everyone who really hard earners.

I went to the Tesco Mutiara Damansara on Saturday after shopped at Ikea, to buy some groceries without knowing much that it was the day the campaign was commenced.

Though i have heard about the news Selangor are looking to implement the same campaign like Penang did, i did not know when it is going to kick-off. However, the Ikea reusable bag which i bought last year that being kept all this while in my wife's car and happened left it indeliberately during shopping these recent times, suddenly i took along with me when i came into Tesco turn to be 'very usable' to me and my wife.

If not,all these while it will be there stucked at back of the car just because forgot to bring it out! But, do not know what went wrong to me on the day, i even asked my wife to take it out from car boot knowing that i heard or read the campaign somewhere(maybe in the newspaper) but it is just matters of time i was not really sure.

By using the bag, i think i have saved more than 1o plastic bags that day,all items i just put into my big blue Ikea reusable bag except the rice bag off-course. During loading all stuffs at the cashier, i heard two shoppers each other talking about the Ikea reusable bag that i am using due to its extravagant size that can load more than usual reusable bag retailers offer at their supermarkets\hypermarkets. I only laugh silently in my heart and pay them with smiles.

I heard some also complainings to Tesco staff,but i think they are not the one who shall be blamed here, since it was Selangor Government who initiates this campaign without giving an ample time period to people to make aware of it.

But, in the end, we are the one who we should be blamed for not caring enough to preserve our nature that we are living with by giving to much excuses and reasons not to care enough.

If you forgot to bring or maybe too stingy to buy Rm1.99 reusable bag, then do not hesitate to load all groceries you bought to trolley and load it back one by one to your car.

To retailers,i would like to suggest,instead giving shoppers the plastic bags for 20cents each, why not giving the recyclable paper bag like what have been offered in developed nation at their hypermarkets\supermarkets?

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