Friday, February 12, 2010

Brighter fortunes or .... ???

Question Mark is there

I am just His servant, do all the best in my daily life and tasks given
either it is from my one and only God,Allah
or my obligation on my responsibility towards my wife and families
and to my career, that likely to blossom just in time
or was it,only merely a fake hopes?
twist fortunes that could be turned out either better way
or ....bad way?

Tomorrow,in a sudden news
in just twisted story for only hours make them apart
i will be set my foot at YTL Datacenter at Sentul

Indeed the timing was not quite right


But that is ABCway...lets assume ABC is my company's name i work with

always in sudden and last minute

My confidence is always high
no one has to question it
but the anxiety is beyond the enthusiasms
far beyond from controlling it

If i was to succeed
then this could my turning point
to reach my highest pinnacle of life
what if i fall far from reaching it
i have no doubt
i will taste my success
I pray to Him
and always

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