Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How efficient the public transportation in Columbia


Malaysia always proclaimed that we are an examplary amongst developing nations, and in early 90s, we are dubbed the Asia's emerging economics but we did not do much to progress more than what we have achieved.

We are amongst the earliest in introducing light rail transit systems (well off course behind developed countries like Shinkansen in Japan and MRT systems in Singapore), but look where are we heading now? Our bus systems and LRT systems are disintegrated and does not help either to ease our road clogging since then.

We should not look the past again,on what we have achieved instead we should keep looking on how to improvised our system to attract investors,to gain their confidence on our productivity level here. How can i impressed if i was an investor and look to set up my office here, with my employees spent time hours daily just on the road?

We are far behind,in fact, behind Thailand or precisely Bangkok i can say, latter these places were where well-known of their massive jams like in India and even in Jakarta, are much better now than what we facing daily. Thanks to good planning on their public transportation systems that was all a history or bad memories to them.

Now,even Colombia and Brazil set to eclipse us in eliminating massive jams in their country by only using bus rapid system, which are lower cost in setting up transits and proven very much effective.

That is why, we have introduced our own RapidBET, but to me it still has much to be worked on, to make it better,especially on our transits stop and handicapped-less. It is indeed needed to expand this system to other places as well and maybe we should think to introduce 2 lane especially to bus whenever we would like to build new highway (well,off course not in Klang Valley,but at other places like in JB,Penang but more on the land,not on the island,to name a few) Watch this video,and you will understand why i nag so much on importance to have reliable transportation no matter what it is, and trust me, you will in awe like how much as i was!

This video is just the same video that i higlighted in previous thread on "RapidBet is set to kicked-off today"

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