Friday, February 12, 2010

Revelation of my recent Project

I have been blogged lately about my current task
the task that been given from my company
as pioneer on big scale project
a collaboration between YTL
and US and global networking equipment provider, CISCO
with an Indian company,Tech-Mahindra
which is the company i am working with.

The project is about Wimax (worldwide interoperability of microwave access)
running through 4G facility and GSM
But i am not the one who will develop all the codings
or program an embedded code for its devices
but i will be the one who will manage and administrate all servers of this Wimax
or also will be famously known as YMAX,
a combination of Ytl + wiMAX.

Today is my first day working at Sentul
but not like my planned to go there with a hybrid mode.
I will drive with my wife to KLCC
From there, i will take LRT then stop by at KL Sentral
(damn it...somewhere far from KLCC)
and from there,take another train
or precisely KTM Komuter to Sentul.
Obviously on some other way around.

Look for the map i attached below to get precise picture
on what i was saying. Crazy huh?

Arghh...will i be able to reach Sentul at 9am punctually?
That is another question
but practice makes perfect.
I will have to get used and will use the opportunity
on the CNY days,
to try the hybrid method i have planned.

To my Boss, for my first one whole week
starting on next wednesday
please do not show your anger to me,huh
if i was late...haha

coz,saya budak baru belajar naik this "unreliable" train systems
(alasan...or lame excuse from me)
Ahh...i wish we had a reliable train and integrated bus systems
I am tired waiting for changes ,promises and broken promises not say that i have to go out my house at 5.30 am...Hahah

To be honest, when i set my foot there,i was quite surprised
whether i was at the right place or not
I even made a u-turn and went to the entrance
looking for post-guard just to ask where this exactly
YTL DATA CENTRE i am looking for.

I felt so shocked was,
it is surrounded with old KTM depot and colonial mansion

The colonial i mentioned,which you need to bypass everytime walking from Komuter station via Sentul Park entrance before seeing KL PAC first.

Spooky,isnt it? (Damn...)

Even the datacenter ,whereby is my new workplace for next 2 years (except i jump to other company off course..hehe)
i think it is the refurbished building of the KTM depot buildings
Spooky huh,i can imagine with all less lamp posts and lightings
when i went out from my office at night
and have to walk to KTM komuter station...
coz my work really needs me to stay back all the time
Ok,stop there....(shit...)

But the best part, it is situated next to KL Performing Arts Centre aka KL PAC and Japanese Restaurant called Yuritei Japanese Tea House
despite uncertainty on do they providing halal or not,
I do not yet know about that
surrounded with lush and green Sentul Park

But AM, you just want to distract your attention from spooky things...dont you?
Lalalalalalalala.......whatever,who cares,huh?

Oh,i hope i do not have to stay back,or else better would drive then (damn)

This is the only road heading to KL PAC and towards my office from the post guard at the entrance.
15mins journey by walk from Sentul Komuter station.. (damn..cannot imagine walking at night!)

The KL PAC is just 2 minutes walk from my office aka YTL Wimax data centre,just opposite of it.

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