Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Man Utd vs Liverpool Football Experience

Man Utd vs Liverpool Football Experience
On Sunday night, the craziest night i have attended with other football maniacs happened at Elephant Park Sunway.
On this night too, after 15 years i have met my primary school buddy,Aizat who coincidentally
is Man Utd fans too,same as i am.

The night was started with drizzling at first, turned out to heavydownpour.
But even with the nature calls, it did not break our determination to come and watch this match.
Usually my wife would not come along,but this time she agreed to accompany me.Now,i have to buy 2 Man utd jersey, one for me,and for her since she does not have any Man Utd apparels.

The atmosphere quite happenings, can say same standard if you were physically at Old Trafford,seriously though.
I can see lot of people came in, and lot of them standings due to all seats have been occupied.
Some even sit on stairs.

It was maniac and havoc when players got hit by tackles or especially when the goal is scored.
Booeing and cheering happens interchangeably.
There was a scene whereby one Man Utd's fans came upon Liverpool's fans area and did chicken dance when it was dying minues before final whistled. It was funny,teasing style and we all went back satisfyingly,Man Utd won the match 2-1, thanks to tireless Ji-Sung made the differences.

What a night,Man Utd won and i met my long lost buddy during Primary School after 15 years(class of 1995) despite it was raining heavily all the time.

with my wife
Me and mywife during the match

another photos taken during complot with aizad
Cheering for the team. Aizad is on my right side.
aizad,aku and my wife
Aizad,me and my wife. His wife was sitting next to my wife

komplot aku dan aizat
After the match,gather at mymanutd booth while waiting for rain to ease a bit.

You cannot enter to watch the game if you are not invited.Special huh?

going back home with satisfaction!
Going back time,can see those in Man Utd jerseys smiling wildly while Liverpudnian left dejectedly. Haha....kok kok kok.


See all the havocs i said?


Anonymous said...

Hai la abis basah time nie... nasib baik x demam je kn... :P

Am_7riel said...

bukan stakat hujan aje,tp stuck kat car park storeys...sejam lebih stranded.