Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chorneun Yu jem bu heyo?

It was quite awhile i have not updating my blog
since the day i went for Sentul Park for YTL wimax project
which they will endorsed by name Y-Max,that was what i have heard.

These days what i have been up to?
meeting new friends(chinggurul mannayo)
then learning new language which is Hangugorul kumbu heyo
and in parallel with polishing my skills in Unix system administration,liaised with SunSolaris engineer virtually from the internet.

These days i am attached and have been busy with an external commitments
with Southern Troop Ultras (STU) or UltrasJohor,hardcore fans in supporting all football teams in Johor.
On 17th April,i will come down to JB,precisely Pasir Gudang to give morale support
collaborating with JohorFc hardcore fans,for match between JohorFC vs Terengganu.
The involvement as President of STU or UltrasJohor means that i will travel alot domestically to cheer for the team during the match,though it was not for every match,depends on my work commitments.
From the group of two it began with, now it has grown to 10 committed members,unlikely with our ally,PerakUltras who began earlier than us, now has reached 60 committed members.

Part of that, i also attached with my primary school reunion, the person in coordinating all event comittees and surveilling jobs that been delegated to them.
I was the one too who have created us the platform in FB to gather all friends and place to discuss about reunion matters. Likely we will have one but mini scale on 29th May 2010.
Eventually it will grow and my experience countering events like this, it is surely happens.
I am very ecstatic to meet all my buddies during my early education and meeting up again with friends with same commitments level, i felt that soon it will happen.Very soon indeed.

Not too mentioned with my level commitments with my alter ego passion, with in futsal,
the sports lately been ignored due to works commitment but now
it has called upon me.
At least twice in a month, it will fill up my schedules.
Now,there is no time for me to relax chilling on couch like those days?Did i?
Oh,i wish but have not got pass time at all,seriously though.
Despite all commitments level that i am dealing with looks likely i am making myself choke, but experience in dealing those since my secondary schools,i am quite confident i am able to juggle between works and outdoor passions while at the same time, would not ever neglecting my beloved wife.

Now,i have been up to studying hanggul or korean language,part of my preparation setting up my foot there, the country next to the rising sun,Japan.Both countries i love to work at they
but with one concern,food supplies. Fishes are not cheap items there,while my love with meat now it is not an option since starved halal meat supplies in Korea or Japan.
Prepare the dishes yourself is not difficult at all,but the raw item to cook,it is question you would have to adept.
I am now able to speak bit with Korean folks at YTL sentul here,some working with Samsung,some with vendor like GTC(if was not mistaken),
Most probably if god's will i will be able to speak and conversed well at the end of this year.

Anyongi kyeseyo!


Kh7 said...

there's always the option of bread and eggs...hehehhe

Am_7riel said...

haha,kh..if it was so simple like bread and egg,then there would be no headache and hassles in our daily lives,isnt it?