Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hulu Selangor Bi-election: Heavy windfall to attract voters

Truth and revelations at last

It is another few hours before voters at Hulu Selangor casting their poll.
However that was the last thing i would like to highlight it out here.
Imagining of how these people been abandoned, how difference it is the place they are living all this while with no proper amenities, schools with no proper electricity makes me wonder, are we heading the right track to achieve mission 2020?

Sad, there are people in this world who have been denied their deserveful rights.
I could not believe when reading it from newspaper, hardly to swallow the truth either.

If we did not put all dissimilarities how can we all build this beautiful nation and propel us together to become high income nation when they are people out there still living in scarce amenities in a small abandoned town aka "pekan" and looks like living 20 years behind us?

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