Thursday, April 22, 2010

I have never forgotten

Comment on Eurocopter issue procurement

Why now?
Was it due too off-concern from public? or since no opposition airing their view on this matter since they are looking into more important matters with an upcoming bi-election at Hulu Selangor

I still remember vividly the matters of pre-acquisition when it was up to surface 2 years ago
when Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was still in helm

As matter of facts,we have never disgruntled of buying new equipments for our armies
but the matters it most, we are concerned on paying an excessive amounts
and what we will get in return is really made me mind-boggling

Especially when we do comparison with the other nations who have procured the same copters
with how much they spent, numbers of copters they are getting and the other value added services they get in return.

Let say,i pay for 25 copters plus with knowledge transfer and spare parts (as an example) for about RM25mil (even after currency conversion let say i bought for nation A).
Then nation B,paying the same amount of what i have paid, more or less in range 5-10mil,means around RM15mil but for 12 copters only,not including all other things i have been getting,would it be consider a worthy procurement?

That numbers i have deducted with 5-10 mil deductions,still if you count every pieces of copter the amount of what i paid was lesser than nation B.
who do you really want for the case as above?
to be like me or nation B,who get nothing except costs you more and with less numbers of copters?

Maybe some will say maybe due to i bought earlier than nation B was the reason i get cheaper price?

Think logically,if you are buying car, for the same model would it be the price should be lower in tandem of year? You will get relatively cheaper,isnt it?

By JULIA ZAPPEI,Associated Press Writer - Thursday, April 22
quoted from
Malaysia to get military equipment worth billions

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Malaysia has signed defense contracts worth 10.4 billion ringgit ($3.2 billion), including a major deal for European helicopters that the opposition had accused of being improper and too expensive, an official said Wednesday.

The 1.6 billion ringgit ($500 million) deal to buy 12 EC752 helicopters from French company Eurocopter, the world's biggest helicopter maker, was put on hold almost two years ago because of budget constraints, but has since been revived.

Malaysia announced the contracts during a defense exhibition that started early this week, said an official from the Defense Ministry who declined to be named citing protocol.
Malaysia also intends to buy 233 armored personnel carriers and support vehicles worth 8 billion ringgit ($2.5 billion) from DRB-Hicom Defense Technologies Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company that is still developing them, the official said.

The choppers from Eurocopter are meant to replace Malaysia's aging fleet of U.S.-made Sikorsky helicopters, renamed Nuri by the Malaysians. Calls for the Nuri's replacement increased after several of them crashed during flights.

But the opposition has alleged the tender process for the helicopters was marred with irregularities, and the price tag was too high. However, a bipartisan inquiry in Parliament found no wrongdoing.

Malaysia has been dogged by several scandals of wasted public funds and corruption, but virtually no high-ranking officials have ever been convicted of any crime.
The helicopter deal started when Prime Minister Najib Razak was the defense minister.
He signed a letter of intent to purchase the equipment shortly before handing over the defense portfolio in 2008 to then-Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who suspended the deal amid the global economic crisis

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