Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthday Party for my wife

Dining at Seoul Bulgogi

After delayed for few later than my wife's supposed birthday
the party finally went held at Seoul Bulgogi
my favourite dining experience next to TM Tower,ala...yang pucuk rebung tuhla...
So,next kita buat kan 4 seasons,ok?
my wife as usual took to long to prepare herself before went off to dining...hehe
xdelah,well we went to pay visit to her niece first
and from cheras,there was alot of diversion here and there along the stretch to go to Federal Highway as i have known it was for Citrawarna events.

So we reached Seoul Bulgogi quite late,bukan apa,rugi la makan buffet if you were coming late
i think we reached at 9.30pm tuh pon after i maneuvred right and left on the road and if there was clearer path,i would simply accelerated,if not surely will reach at 10pm.
What a waste la kan if can only had buffet dining for just 30 mins since the place closed at 10.30 pm...rugi kan?dahla mahal per head....
Cite ape lg,so these are all photos taken by my iPhone...sori gambar agak x sharp coz it was not taken by lovely sony cybershot camera yaa....(lupa plak nak bawak,was so not me..kan?)
After had extravagant feast,ahli-ahli mesyuarat tingkap memulakan mesyuarat mereka.
Banyak betul manusia-manusia ni makan kan?
Upacara menyembelih,potong cake la...Tribute to Marz,sebab kek ni dia beli from what i have been told.
kek kacang macademia if i was not wrong...
We all laughed about kacang,sebab after that My wife announced to her buddies
that she is pregnant
and aku add the size of the baby is small as kacang....
Sungguh indah kejadian makhluk kan?
dari sekecil-kecil kacang just few mm size,gradually it grows big and bigger....
Aku makan sikit aje the cake,sikit ke?...Haha
Abis aku kene makan paksa rela by Asmah...Bump!!!
Happy Birthday to u...Happy Birthday to u...Sayangku
Then upacara makan kek,sambil bergambar makan kek...but sori,those pictures all are in Asma's camera
See,ahli mesyuarat tingkap diligently discussing in their meetings...They were discussing about spiralling costs of goods nowadays and the govt plan to scrapped the subsidies..Theee He He
Farah-san(left) buat ape la tuh ngan camera Asma...Only God and her knows what she was doing
Sebahagian daging yang sempat diselamatkan ke dalam perut aku...Alhamdulillah
Oja-san(left) and Asma(right),sempat lg pose ye korang...
Are you sleeping while eating,Asma?Hmm....
Marz-san and Oja-san..candidly took this snap
A toast from my wife...yamseng yamseng

Aku borong 3 pinggan daging sume abis...masuk dalam my belly.Nyum Nyum


Nur Asma said...

bebel je afham ni..suke ati kate kitorg cite pasal gomen subsidy..waht's that??so adult...we r still like 17th???ko je yg dah kawen n bakal menjadi bapak..happy for both of u...but we r still nice...hahahaaa..only Allah knows what's in our heart...huhuhu...anyway...happy bday to murni...even it was too late d to celebrate but we managed...pas ni farah's turn..insyaallah on time..with all the busy life..susah gile nak gather sume org...ok nx treat will be at 4 season on afham..-cheers-

Am_7riel said...

amboi,17 nye...kalau korang 17,aku 16 la yer...haha.sungguhpon aku muda,tp aku willing to carry big responsibilities beyond my age being 16 years old boy.haha..nxt bday kenela buat kat umah aku,sebab murni sarat nanti...aku kan caring kat wife aku.