Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cute,Lovely,Adorable:Gim Su Jeong and Mia Sara

Tribute to Kim Soo Jung(Gim Su Jeong)
I always turn on to channel 303 or KBS channel,especially now i am in the middle of learning korean language (hanggugorul kumbu heyyo),to watch few korean drama series like now,Becoming a millionaire that has attracted me to sit on couch every monday till tuesday on 9 till 10.10pm, to watch epic series like King Dae Joyoung,aired during weekend nights (if i was not mistaken),screening humanity series, Chitchat with beautiful laties,and above all the game show Golden Bell Challenge which has lovely and adorable 6 years old as its host,Kim Soo Jung or Gim Su Jeong.
Rising stars in Korea

She may just 6 years old,but she has acted in 3 drama so far which from the Two Wives series she bagged home the Child Actress Award.The thing that makes me love about her are she does not show any inferiority standing amongst adults and giving views without leaving behind the adorable demeanor especially when she says chondap inmida for any correct answer.Doesn't she cute?

Tribute to Mia Sara aka Amani Adamaya

Mia Sara aka Amani with leading actress in Adamaya,Lisa Surihani

The same factor goes why i accompanied my wife to watch ADAMAYA series everyday on Tv3 in Akasia Slot, to watch the lovely adik amani (her name in the series) or her real nama mia sara(i guess). I guess,it was not only me bounded to see and wait every evening to watch this lovely and adorable kid,mia sara in ADAMAYA.

Lovely kids,dont they?

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