Monday, May 17, 2010

K-Series that i fond over Part 2

Becoming a Billionaire\The Birth of The Rich

The characters from clockwise,Choi Seokbong,Bu Taehui,Woonseok and Lee Shinmi,Seokbong's employer

I had no idea how many episodes it has gone to and i clueless still which episodes
i was watching today.
Gosh,i really have become into someone else.

Nevertheless, the series has gone to interesting part now ever so far in revealing who is the real father of Choi Seokbong (now i know the hero's character name) and the love is in the air between him and his director,Lee Shinmi,who is the daughter of his employer which i have told in Part1.
I have described her as pretty but skinny figure who is very concern on every single money was spending by her company that she is taking care of.

Is it love is in the air between Lee Shinmi and her employee,Choi Seokbong without them realised?

The fact she was jealous with close relationships with a rival's business' daughter,Bu Taehui(huhu, i know every character's name,isn't me at all...haha) who actually wanting Choi Seokbong to woo Lee Shinmi to fall in love with him so that she can be with hot and young entrepreneur, Wunseok who is also another business rival.

The best part,Lee Shinmi,actually fell in love with Choi Seokbong appeared obviously in this episode when one character revealed whether she does knows whether the drawing of her coffee shop logo,the ainas (an angel in english) drew by Choi Seokbong is basically her?

From there,she realized that Choi Seokbong secretly has crushed and feel the same like she felt currently. If not,why must Choi Seokbong drawn her coffee shop logo based on her face?
The fact that they love each other from partnering closely in every single tasks in their works,and sometimes have fight over some argument they could not agree with, really makes them cute couple together,only both of them did not realised before this.

Only this time,Choi Seokbong confessed to destitute's son (who with his father stay with Seokbong), that he has fallen in love with his employer,Lee Shinmi,who he taught that she does not felt the same way like he does.
Apparently,she does.

Ah,what will happen for the next episode tomorrow,i really cant wait for the intriguing part this series came into
Again,i dont believe this is me....but like the infamous Mr.Propa Azwan Hj Ali said in Malay, "Ada aku kesah? or the translation is Do i really care?

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