Friday, May 14, 2010

K-Series that i fond over

Becoming a Billionaire
or The Birth of The Rich
All the casts,2 main casts
and 2 side kicks in the series
The hero and heroin
He looks like Rain,doesnt he?
The heroine,pretty but stubborn for her role here in the movie

This is the K-series that i have stuck with after watching Buletin Utama news at 9pm on KBS world channel every Monday till Tuesday

I dont remember who are the casts really,never bother
but what makes me stay on the series(oh,this isnt me either,trust me)
the storyline of a guy(he looks like Rain,seriously) finding for his father whom he believes is the billionaire,and so he starts acting like one
He only source was the necklace he got from his late mother that has insignia,a symbol of something that was given by his father to his mother
Watch the lineup of the casts here,

It was not enough only act or poser that he is son of billionaire
but he has a will,brain and talent with him and with that everytime he would be able to solve any tasks given to him
impossible tasks look upon our sights, but he managed to do it

Despite all the hindrance
his ability has caught his employer,aka heroine in this movie
a daughter of one reknown conglomerate in Korea(in this story,so dont confuse)
very frugal woman on every penny her company spending on despite her vast resource,
to be her assistance
very funny on how they try get along

Would he be able finding his real father?
or would he be able to emerge as young entrepreneur with his own talents rather than latter relying to his father's wealth if ever he succeed finding him?

I dont know but would like to find out since i have followed since the day i bumped over looking from one channel to other channel for interesting movie to watch for.

However, sadly enough,these days i could not catch to watch it but i will find its dvd as for my collection...hehe

Interesting K-Series to me and not forget to mention the triangle love story.
oh,and its catchy opening music which also its OST as good as to be heard ,like sweet in my mouth.

go here to watch the trailer,
and here to watch unofficial OST MV posted by one of the fans i guess,

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