Monday, May 24, 2010

Most peaceful place in the world

None other than step inside mosques

What is the meaning build gigantic and beautiful mosque if it is only for our eye sight beauty?

I heard from my teacher old time ago that Ye shall defeat yahudi au nasara if ye saf(rows) during subuh prayers are more same like Jumaat prayers.
Defeat here literally means in economical means, academically, and achievement which we know that Yahudi are blessed and gifted by Allah with their brain wonders.
But, sadly enough, even our mosques or surau hardly to fill up during our normal prayers time like maghrib or isyak. Even worst at rural place,when there were only imam and bilal.

Laugh at your most,but that is true,and we are the blamed one if we are still ignorant towards
the azan upon called by muazzin,

Haiya alassolah,Haiya alassolah (lets us perform our prayers)
Haiya alalfalah,Haiya alalfalah(lets us come to our success here and day after)

but how many of us still at pasar malam,wandering when azan echoing all over the place?
how many of us are still at mamak stalls talking or explaining to client for MLM business?
how many of us are still at cinema at that time or doing some shopping at Midvalley or KLCC or OU?

Our prophets never did his prayers alone,alwatys did congregated solat at Nabawi mosque

We are proud when say we have follow sunnah like keeping beard, like cutting our nails on friday night, or whatsoever but we fail to know that our beloved prophets never prays at his home alone
even during his dying days, he still went to the Nabawi mosque with help with other two fellow friends

Islam isnt just about marriage,isnt just about fasting for a month

We are so proud telling we are Islam that we inherit from our father
whom our father succeeds from his father
What we are so proud if we Islam from bloodline inheritance
but never wanted to delve more what is Islam?

We are so far away from our real Islam life
during the days of our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh and his fellow friends still alive
That has explained why there were so many babies being thrown away
adulteries happens like in a daylight here and there these days

We call us as Islam but did not felt of shameful holding a glass fill in with beers
if our prophets came out by chance to see his ummat nowadays
surely he will just shake his head in disbelief
Islam is just on marriage, Islam is just on doing some routine of prayers without looking more
the hikmah and meanings of solat, Islam is just fasting
to all of us

Lets us not keep our face away from quran and sunnah, try to understand its meanings instead of simply reciting it

But, it is more than that,Islam isnt just on marriage or just routines of prayers,and etc
but it is the way of life
our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh once reminded us, if we are too far away from our true path
and lost from our way,lets holding back to our two own guidance,
Al-quran ul karim and his Sunnah

Ya Allah,Ya Rahman
I beg you with humble and lowly self
to protect us from any harmful things planned by our nemesis
and guide us to the right path that you have wanted us

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