Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ohaiyo, Namaeywa ........ des

Sayonala Fuji-san!

Hait !!! These 4 days what a day had been for me, had my training with very cool and stylish Japanese trainer,
who in his mid 30, his name Yukiichi Fuji or Fuji-san we call him.(later i put his photo that i took it candidly in the next post..haha,ok la dari x ada kan?)

He really cool(almost all Japanese came here not short from style that you wont see at their age would wear the same here) ,his mouth always and never stop from chewing a gum, and his pants he fold off a bit short from his lacoste sneakers but only one side..(damnn,my fav sneakers brand,lacoste)

Never had in my mind,one day,i will shake hands and discuss intelligently with Japanese
who is not just an ordinary Japanese, but who helds high hierarchy in their community
in their working life,and i felt honour to sit as low and stand as tall like him

Despite the language barrier we had between us, one thing for sure he really keen to impart the knowledge he has to us,deserved my hat off to Japanese with
their sheer dedication,commitments and hardworking that i would not ever neglect it
despite the time was over at 5.30pm they will still be there at least until 7pm
Malaysian minded to be at par with them? Not even near of it to be honest.

To Fuji-san i'd like to wish you, i guess you are on plane now
I hope we will meet again,who knows like you said
"Be ready to go to Japan, you're going there,coz you have been selected"
it is just like dream comes true,but....

if God's will, i will reach Tokyo and meet you at Kanagawa,1km further from Tokyo

I'm starting to believe what my mom ever said to me when i was still young boy

that i will travel alot and being far from family when i grown up she said, once i doubted it but when your mom prays for you

and you strive for it at no what cost for it, you will get it

with the God's will off-course

Sayonala Fuji-San, arigato gozaimasu for everything till we meet again,

Najungey mannayo (hahah,suka-suka aku jer hybrid japanese ngan korean)

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